Custom-crafted animated videos that explain your complex offering

I'm Jordan Warman 

(B.Sc., B.Ed., M.A.)

and I've been producing animated explainer videos since 2013. When you hire me to produce your video, you will always be working with me. I write the script with or for you, and I handle all aspects of production. And, your level of involvement is always up to you.

Your offering may be complex if it involves the client in multiple stages or is hard to explain in a few short sentences

Repeat client profile: Visibility Workflow

The Visual Concept

Visibility decided that it required two explanatory videos: a short, promotion-oriented video; and a longer, detail-oriented video.

First, we produced the longer video, which you can see here.

Then, using many of the assets we had already produced for the longer video, we produced this shorter video.

I work hard to understand your organization so that I can help us create a visual concept that is highly suited to your offering.


In order to properly represent Visibility's offering, we needed an animation stage that grounded the video in reality (i.e., an auto dealership), yet was abstract enough to allow for demonstration of highly technical aspects of Visibility's offering. Our solution was a modular, auto garage stage.

Produced by Big Idea Video

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